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Click Below to Download - ProPresenter's Slides

ProPresenter’s Setting: To view EWS Slides in ProPresenter’s Format (.proplaylist)


1. Download the ProPresenter's Slides linked to this email
2. Download ProPresenter 7 & Install the Trial Version
3. If prompted*: “File Association” > Select All

4. If prompted*: “Configure Screen” 

    > Audience Screens, select your Monitor Brand
    > Stage Screen, select Generic Monitor
5. Go to File > Import > Select the EWS Slides downloaded from this Email (e.g V1 PRO - 21 Apr)
6. If prompted*: “File already exist”, select New Version, click Apply To All
7. On the Top Left column, select the playlist EWS Slides with the date (e.g. 21 Apr E0845)

8. View the Placeholder (content) below the playlist accordingly (e.g. Entrance, Proclamation, Response, etc)

9. To view in Full Screen*, click the Top Right (Red Circle) labelled “Audience”, use Right (Arrow Key) to proceed to the Next Slide

10. Watermark "ProPresenter" will appear occasionally for Trial Version, you can safety ignore as it fade off

11. To exit from Full Screen, click the Bottom Left (X) to Close

12. To quit ProPresenter, click OK to quit

*Prompt(s) usually happened on the First-time installation or may varies from platform/OS used.

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