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If you have accepted the Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, then you need to consider water baptism. Pre-baptismal class is compulsory for all who desire to be water baptized.


Those who wish to be baptized or confirmed or wish to transfer church membership into Charis, please print out the application form below and submit the completed form to the church office. The form is also available at the lobby outside the Sanctuary.  Applicants will be notified when classes have been scheduled.


Click HERE to download application form.

  • Adult Baptism – for adults and youths age 16 years and above. Applicants will be received into church membership.

  • Child Baptism – for youths and children below 16 years of age. Applicants will not be received into church membership.

  • Confirmation – for adults and youths who were baptized when they were below the age of 16. Applicants will be received into church membership.

  • Membership – for adults and youths who were baptized when they were age 16 years and above, but have not been received into any church membership.

  • Transfer of Membership – for a baptized Christian who wishes to transfer his/her membership.

  • All applicants must have been regularly worshiping in Charis MC for at least 6 months (exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Upon completion, email the form to


Those who wish to be baptized or confirmed, or wish to transfer their membership into Charis MC on 9 Apr (Easter Sunday), please fill up the e-form HERE and submit the form to the church office via by 5 Feb 2023​.


Attendance of all sessions (with 1 excused absence) is required.


Time : Saturdays, 9am to 11am    

Venue : Zoom Online

Dates / Topics :

  • 11 Feb | Our Beginnings (Ch. 1-3)

  • 18 Feb | Our Beliefs (Ch. 4-6)

  • 25 Feb | Our Life and Behaviour (1) (Ch. 7-8)

  • 4 Mar | Our Life and Behaviour (2) (Ch. 9-10)

  • 11 Mar | The Story of the Church (Ch. 11)

  • 18 Mar | John Wesley and the Methodist Church (Ch.12-14)

  • 25 Mar* | The Story of Charis MC

    • Briefing for Adult Candidates

    • *Briefing for Parents of Infant / Child Candidates @11am

  • ​Week of 27 Mar

    • ​Baptism Candidates to pick up gowns from Church office


Parents who are Charis Members and wish to have their infants/children baptised:
• Sun, 19 Mar - Deadline for Application Submission
• Sat, 25 Mar @ 11am - Parents' briefing (compulsory for at least one parent) via Zoom Online.

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