As part of our Christian growth and development, Discipleship & Nurture (D&N) committee recommends 3 streams for meeting members’ needs:

  1. Christian Journey: for new believers to be nurtured to Christian maturity

  2. Leader’s Journey: for small group leaders to be trained and developed.

  3. Life Phase Journey: for all believers to be equipped and have needs met in different life phases and transitions

All courses, workshops, seminars or discussion series rolled out will come under one of the 3 streams for all members. The following courses will be rolled out if there is sufficient demand. If you are keen, please respond by visiting on the respective links to register your interest.

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Christian Journey

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6. CVL Discussion Groups

Charis and other Christian friends are welcomed to join the groups to discuss issues and insights on victorious Christian Living. Discussions are based on Christian books written by Bishop Robert Solomon and others authors such as CS Lewis, John Stott, Charles Swindoll, JI Packer. These book cover contemporary Christian topics or studies of books of the Bible. At each session we will read a chapter but stopping from time to time to iterate the lesson, share our thoughts, experiences and insights


There are two CVL Bible Discussion Groups meeting fortnightly by Zoom

1. Thursday Group @ 7.30pm for CVL elders 55 years and above. It has a good mix of Charis members and Christian friends from other churches. This group has met for more than 6 years and covered >10 books. Currently they are studying Growing Old Gracefully by Bishop Solomon.

2. Monday Group @ 8.30pm – CVL Insights (InterGen). The group will start on a new book, “Job – A Man of Heroic Endurance” by Charles Swindoll, on 1 March 2021


Leader's Journey

1. Small Group (SG) Leader’s Training

To be advised

Life Phase Journey