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What is the Alpha Course?

The Alpha course is a 12-week step by step introduction to the Christian faith. It provides an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed, non-threatening, thought-provoking, friendly, and fun environment. Each week, we meet at a session where great food is served and an open discussion takes place after watching a short video. 

Who is it for?

The Alpha course is designed primarily for anyone who want to learn about the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Past participants include students, adults and seniors with diverse life experiences and different religious beliefs. Some were invited by friends to join the course. Some found out about the course online, or through friends, posters or flyers and contacted or wrote-in to the church to join the course. 

Common reasons past participants cited for joining the course are:  

  • They want to investigate if God really exists. 

  • They are in search of the meaning and purpose of life. 

  • They want to have a faith which they can hold on to, especially in challenging times. 

  • They about concerned about what happens after death. 

  • They are curious about Christianity, particularly so because their loved ones have been telling them about it. 

  • They hope to make new friends through the course. 

How does the course works?

Everyone interested to join the course are invited to join the Introductory Session, typically over lunch, where more information about the course will be shared.  


The course will commence a week later, after the Introductory Session. Most likely, there will be two similar sessions per week, one on a weekday evening and the other on Saturday afternoon. Guests need only to attend one session per week and are encouraged to make-up any missed sessions by joining the other ones. 


Each session begins with a meal or refreshments, where everyone gets to catch up while enjoying the food. Then, a video on a particular topic will be played which takes about thirty minutes. A short break ensues when everyone joins the assigned discussion groups, ranging from four to ten people per group, to ask any questions about the topic covered in the video. A helper from Charis Methodist Church will facilitate the discussion, which usually takes about one hour. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and views. As the groups meet each week and get to know one another better, it is common that everyone opens up to share about personal lives and also pray for one another. Friendships deepen most of the time by the time the course ends. 

The course emphasis is on exploration and discovery in a relaxed and informal environment. There is no charge for attending the Alpha course. A small collection may be required for the weekend away which is usually held in a resort in Johor, Malaysia. 

Alpha 33 Course Schedule

Charis Methodist Church will be running the 33rd round of the Alpha course. The tentative course schedule is shown below.

Alpha 33 Introductory Session

Date : 9 March 2024 (Saturday) 

Time : 11.30am to 2.00pm 

Venue : Straits Chinese Nonya Restaurant @ Esplanade

To join the course, please register  here. 

Please write to if you want to find out more.

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