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Updated on 10 Sep 2022

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"In all things, we are empowered by the love of God to manifest his love through our concrete acts for others. Expressing our concerns about 377A is one, but not the only, expression of our love for our neighbours. Let us not become weary in doing good. When the dust on this debate settles, may it be said of Methodists in Singapore that it was not coercion but rather the conviction of the holy love of God that illuminated our response to the repeal of 377A and that in our response we have reflected the God whose Nature and Name is love."


- Excerpt from MCS Methodist Message Article on "A Christian Response to the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code"

We invite you to prayerfully read the response from:

  1. The Methodist Church in Singapore 

  2. A Christian response to the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code {Article published on MCS Methodist Message}

  3. The National Council of Churches of Singapore Response to Government’s Decision on the Repeal of Section 377A 

教牧对政府将要废除《刑事法典》第377A 节条文的回应

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“在所有事情上,上帝的爱赋予我们力量,通过我们对他人的具体行动来表达祂的爱。表达我们对第 377A 条文的关注是我们对邻居的爱的一种,但不是唯一的表达。让我们不要厌倦于行善,当这场辩论结束时,愿人们会说,新加坡的卫理信徒阐明我们对废除第377A 的回应不是被强迫的,而是因为上帝圣洁的爱光照了我们,并在我们的回应中,我们反映上帝本身以及祂的名就是爱。


- 摘自卫理公会Methodist Message文章 (基督徒对废除《刑事法典》 第377A的回应)


  1. 新加坡卫理公会(中英文

  2. 基督徒对废除《刑事法典》 第377A的回应(刊登于卫理公会Methodist Message,中英文)

  3. 新加坡基督教全国教会理事会对政府废除《刑事法典》 第377A的回应 (中英文)

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