Click Here for CHURCH CAMP 2015 “Set Your Hearts & Minds on Things Above”

Church Camp registration will re-commence on 18th January 2015 (Sun) at the registration booth in the Social Hall.

OVER THE PULPIT THIS SUNDAY (1st February 2015, Holy Communion Sunday)

WS1 (9am) & WS2 (11.15am): Our Battle with Life’s Stronghold [Joshua 5:13- 6:7] by Mr Daren Lee


WS1 (9am) & WS2 (11.15am): Be on Your Guard [Joshua 9:1-27] by Rev Helen Hoe


Click Here for Parking Lot Layout in Charis!

With effect from February 2013, driveway parking for WS2 drivers will be allowed only in the sections marked D in the parking layout. WS1 and MS drivers are reminded to vacate from the lots marked as B, C and D by 10.50am.


WS1 & MS drivers who park in the driveway and in front of the church office block during worship service hours are reminded to leave their contact details on their vehicle dashboard for ease of contact. For this purpose you may use the yellow paper slip provided at the stairway leading up to the Sanctuary. Drivers are also reminded to move their vehicles by 10.50am.

(for Ordinary Week)

We have a bus shuttle service on Sunday mornings to transport worshipers to church.
Look out for “Charis Methodist Church” sign on the bus.

A) Coming to Church in the morning
Pick-up Points:
(1) Car park in front of Eunos MRT Station along Sims Avenue,
(2) Marine Parade Community Building at 278 Marine Parade Road.

8.30 am – Pick up at Eunos MRT station
8.40 am – Pick up at Marine Parade CB
8.50 am – Arrive at Charis Methodist Church

B) Departing from Church to Marine Parade CB & Eunos MRT Station
Assembly Area: Under the porch in front of the church building

12.20 pm – Depart Charis Methodist Church
12.30 pm – Arrive at Marine Parade CB
12.40 pm – Arrive at Eunos MRT Station


Pre-Worship: 8.40am in Room 201
Post-Worship: 11.15am in Room 304


Date: 7th February 2015 (Sat)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Social Hall

YAM Beach Day

Date: 7th February 2015 (Sat)
Time: 4pm – 7pm
Venue: Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Come join our Charis Young Adults as we head to the beach! It will be a fun and relaxing afternoon with Ultimate Frisbee, Beach Volleyball and a sand building competition for the small kids (and big kids too)! Snacks and drinks will be provided. So join us and bring your friends along too (and don’t forget to pray for lovely weather)!

RSVP to Huiwen (hp: 92488882) by 4th February (Wed) or drop us a message at our Charis Y.A.M. Facebook page!


Date: 7th February 2015 (Sat)
Time: 8.30am – 3.30pm
Places of visit: Woodlands goodie shops & wholesale markets

$10/- per person inclusive of 2-way transport, mineral water & sumptuous lunch. Limited to 40 participants only. Registration booth will be open on Sundays at the Plaza from 18th January to 1st February after the Worship Services.

Assembly Point:
Time/Venue: 8.15am in church and at Eunos MRT station car park

Bring your pre-believer friends & relatives to join us in this event!

ALPHA 17 Intro Lunch

Date: 7th March 2015 (Sat)
Time: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Venue: 1-Altitude @ Raffles Place

Please invite your pre-believer relatives and friends. We will be screening the introduction video “Is There More To Life Than This”, introduce the Alpha Course and invite guests to sign up, which will start on 14th March 2015 and end on 23rd May 2015.

We will issue e-tickets for the Intro Lunch due to seat capacity constraint. To issue e-tickets, we need the email, mobile phone number and religion (pre-believer, etc) of your relatives and friends who have confirmed their attendance for the Intro Lunch. Please register by writing to or at the registration booth on 1st February 2015 at the Plaza after the worship service.



We wish to acknowledge the frequent donations of Charis members for our Sunday Floral Offerings. These members often use this means of floral offering as an expression of thanksgiving to God in their lives. It has also been used in memory of loved ones, anniversary date etc. Their support and generosity have also greatly added to the ambience of our weekly Sunday Services.

We have put up a weekly schedule for floral offerings on the [Church Office] notice board for your convenience. Dates for floral offerings may be chosen in advance. Do also remember to include your name, purpose and contact number on this schedule. As a guideline, floral offering should be at least $100. You may drop your cheque payable to “Charis Methodist Church” indicating “Floral Offering” and date of offering at the back of the cheque into the offering bag or come to the Church Office to donate in cash to our Church Office Staff Thor Bee. Your contribution is always much appreciated!


If you have enjoyed the refreshment provided on Sundays and would like to contribute to this item as a service to the congregation, or as an act of thanksgiving, celebration of birthday, anniversary, baby first month or for whatever reasons that you are celebratory about, do put your name down on the Sunday Refreshment Offering Form posted on the [Church Office] notice board.

As a guideline, refreshment offering should be at least $100 and in multiples of $50. You may drop your cheque payable to “Charis Methodist Church” indicating “Refreshment Offering” and date of offering at the back of the cheque into the offering bag or come to the Church Office to donate in cash to our Church Office Staff Thor Bee. Your contribution is always much appreciated!


This monthly communal lunch is another avenue for Charisians to bless each other. You can do so by donating towards the cost of the lunch.

Indicate your donation on the WS2 Fellowship Lunch Offering form posted on the [WS2] notice board and state the reason that you wish to be printed in the Sunday bulletin as acknowledgement. Examples are: anniversary/birthday celebration; thanksgiving; remembrance; etc.

For your donation, please use the church’s tithing envelope (available at the entrance of the Sanctuary), indicate “WS2 Fellowship Lunch Offering” and drop it into the offering bag or give it directly to the church office. Thank you for your blessings!


LCEC has approved a subsidy scheme to encourage members to upgrade their skills and Christian knowledge so as to serve God better. Application Form is available from the church office. Should you have any feedback on this scheme or any need for clarification, please speak to our Pastors or any LCEC members.

(During hours of worship)

We are putting together a list of worshippers who can provide medical assistance in an emergency, such as doctors, dentists, nurses, civil defence personnel and those certified to provide first-aid and/or CPR. Please call church office (O: 63445750) with your full name and designation, and the service you attend.

We will collate the names and phone numbers and put one list in the office and another in the ushers’ cupboard in our Sanctuary. Thanks for coming forward to volunteer your service.