The guide is created to allow you to jot down your daily notes and prayers on your devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) where you can download free Abode Acrobat Reader apps ( to start your journey. There will be fillable fields in the guide for you to start inputting your notes.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (到你的智能手机、平板电脑、电脑等电子器具,方便你使用这指南时,可以在其空白处记录你自己的笔记或祷告。


1. Click onto the picture (Iphone users : Either double click OR hold onto the picture to prompt to open link)

2. Click onto "Go to link"

3. File will be opened to view.
4. Click on the download button on top right hand corner to download the file into your device.

3. File will be downloaded to your device

For I Phone Users

  • If you are not able to download the file: 

    • Under Safari Settings : Do set your "Block Pops Up" to be turned off before clicking onto the link

If you are not able to download from picture, you may click below link to download


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